Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up

Weekly Wrap-up:

Monday - 11.9 Cycling in 50 minutes (14.1 mph).  My rides are getting faster.  This one was in 98 degrees and I just went up and down the boulevard which makes it faster because I don't have to deal with dogs and trees.  I did the loops because I didn't want to get too hot too far from home. 

Tuesday - Fitness workout.  My first in a long time. I did legs (squats & lunges), chest, back, shoulders, arms. And about 15 minutes of core.  It felt good and left me sore for a few days.

Wednesday - 3.05 walking on the treadmill. I planned to do some running but 30 seconds on my heel told me that was badness.  Also the kids kept having "emergencies" so I actually did 30 minutes, 6 minutes, 2 minutes, 23 minutes between the emergencies. Also I made and cleaned up from dinner and ate dinner during the workout. 

That was it for my workouts.  Thursday I just wanted to spend with family.  Friday I donated platelets. Saturday it rained and my heel hurt. Sunday my heel hurt. 

I called and made an appointment for Tuesday morning about my heel.  Now I need to fill out a bunch of paperwork. 

Friday I donated platelets - a triple.  I think that is the last time I'll do that. On one hand I love donating whatever I can and I have the platelets to spare. But it takes over 2 hours and I feel significantly crappier after a triple than after a double. I think I'll go back to doubles and just try to get over there more regularly.

Saturday I went to a training and became deputized to register voters in Travis county. I have not done any yet or gone to any registration events but I'm quite excited about it.  My brother went as well and my SIL is already deputized. My nephew has been volunteering with Battleground Texas for weeks and is their phone bank pro!

I took the weekend off from working out due to my heel. 

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