Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ace's Baby Layette

Our best friends are pregnant with their first baby.  His due date is 9/10 but of course he could come at the end of August or first half of September.  I completed the gifts weeks ago or longer but have been waiting to post pictures until after the baby shower which was last Saturday.  In complete lack of surprise mode, LD actually suggested which blanket pattern she would like.  I don't know that she knew that there was a layette that went with it so hopefully that was a surprise.  I've made this blanket 3-4 other times but I enjoy the pattern very much.  Most recently I made it for a co-worker's baby two years ago.

The layette: blanket, sacque, bonnet, and booties.

ChocolateWife made the booties

It's hard to see but the bonnet has the same v pattern as the blanket

The sacque also has the v pattern.
I think it all turned out really well and liked the color very much.  ChocolateWife knitted or crocheted quite a few items as well including a knitted cap in the same green yarn. 

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