Monday, June 11, 2012

Workouts 06/04 - 06/10

Tuesday - 3.95 in 50 minutes (12:39) plus walking warm up/down. Good morning run. I did a bit of speedplay and concentrated on my core.

Tuesday - You are your own Gym - Week 7, Day 1 - It was back to ladders with arms/pushing exercises. Compared to the supersets, it was a lot more work.

Thursday - I skipped my run because I had a very disturbing dream and felt all off kilter when my alarm went off. I did You are your own Gym - Week 7, Day 2 - Legs supersets but a good workout.

Thursday - I did the pre-dawn runner's core workout and made it through the 30 minutes for the first time. That is a hard workout. There were some minutes that I had to stop early.

Friday - 4.41 miles in 50 minutes (11:18) plus walking warm up/down. I'm really stressed at work and having trouble sleeping and heart palpitations. This isn't the first time but it's the most intense in a very long time. I decided to do my run but to make sure I didn't have an unreasonable HR so I set the watch to beep when I was lower than 130 or above 170 (really it should have been 174). When it beeped too high, I walked for a 1:00 to 1:15. Then I ran again. At the beginning I could run 2-3 minutes and by the end 6-8.

Saturday - I got in about 15 minutes of core work while the family was across the street with the new neighbors and I was cooking dinner.

Sunday - LSR. 10:12 in 2:00 (11:51). My fastest LSR ever. Even if I suppose that the Nike+ was off, it might have only been 9.5 or 9.3. At those distances my pace was still 12:54 which is pretty good. I got very hungry and ate a protein bar early and then 2 gels later. It all felt very sugary to me but still was a great run. I also did my walking warm up/down and when I got home took ChocolateDaughter out for .5 miles (in less than 7 minutes).

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