Monday, May 14, 2012

Workouts 05/07 - 05/13

I had another good workout week:

Monday - You Are your own Gym, Week 3 Day 1 - This arm workout was different. Rather than ladders (1 then 2 then 3 etc. for 7:30) this was intervals so you tried to do 12 reps 3x. It was 4 different arms "push" exercises.

Tuesday - Yayog, Week 3, Day 2 - Legs intervals. Very good and hard workout.

Wednesday - 4.0 miles, 46 minutes (11:30 mm) plus the walking warm up/down. Lovely run in the rain. Stiff to start but really got smooth toward the middle/end.

Wednesday - Yayog, Week 3, Day 3 - Arms (pull) intervals. Some new exercises and a good workout.

Friday - 11.15 miles 2:16 (12:11 mm) including walking warm up/down. Had no pre-run food available so I just went out with 3 gels in my pack. Had a fantastic run. Perhaps my best run ever. Did a 1:00/1:00 ratio but much faster than my usual LSRs. This pace may be better than my pace at the Austin 10/20 where I ran 2:30/1:00 and 2:00/1:00. I wouldn't trust the distance but I measured using both Nike+ and GPS. At about 9 miles I got chased by dogs and one jumped up and scratched me. I'm glad he didn't bite and that I didn't fall down (he was big!).

Friday - Yayog, Week 3, Day 4 - Core Intervals. A good workout and not that hard although it felt good.

Saturday - 4.25 miles 50 minutes (11:45) plus walking warm up/down. A nice recovery run. Ran through a lot of mud but very fun run.

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