Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Workouts 5/21 - 5/27

Monday - You are your own Gym Week 5, Day 2. Legs Supersets. This workout was much harder than the ones before it.

Tuesday - 3.5 miles 47 minutes (13:25) plus walking warm up/down. I felt rather sluggish but did it anyway.

Wednesday - Yayog Week 5, Day 3. Arms/pulling supersets. A good workout but I couldn't bring myself to try the pull-ups on the top of the door.

Thursday - 3.4 miles 40 minutes (11:45) plus walking warm up/down. I ran up and around campus including hitting a seam in the pavement and falling and cutting my palm. Then I went around the track for a while. It was quite hot. Thursday - 2.8 miles 48 minutes walk.

Sunday - 6.25 miles in 1:20 (12:48) plus walking warm up/down. Trail run at Walnut Creek Park. A very good and fun but sad run. We had to put our dog to sleep on Friday and this run constantly reminded me of her and how much she loved this trail and swimming in the creek.

The month has 3 more days and I should hit 100 miles after one more run. It will be my 3rd 100 mile month this year.

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