Monday, August 13, 2012

Workouts 08/06 - 08/12

Monday - Total Body Workout.  The same workout from Coach Jeff but a very good and thorough workout.  I borrowed some 10 lb dumbbells which made a big difference. I need some lighter ones for lateral & front arm raises but I think ChocolateWife has some. 

Tuesday - 3.6 in 45 (12:30) plus walking warm-up/down.  This was an easy zone 2 run (for me 160-170).  I'm learning and adjusting to this type of running. I wish I could learn to control my HR while running rather than feeling like I need to run/walk/run/walk to maintain the zone.  Also, it was 98 when I left the house and 96 when I got home so another brutally hot run. 

Wednesday - Core work 30 minutes.  On the schedule this was the Coach Diane core routine but I didn't feel like working at the computer (to watch the video) would work with the kids and dogs and etc. so I did did mostly the Pre-dawn runner's routine. 

Thursday - Skipped my workout and donated a double unit of blood platelets.  The donation went very well and only took 75 minutes to do the double. I thought I would make up the run on Friday evening and then double the Friday/Saturday workouts on Saturday but alas.  Friday evening was ... strained in the house and I never got out the door to run.

Saturday - Total Body Workout (see Monday) and then Yoga.  Both were good workouts and I feel like I'm gaining some strength and balance but still have long to go in both.

Sunday - 5.8 in 1:20 (13:47) plus walking warm up/down.  All zone 2 and this was much slower than I thought. I felt like I was moving well but the mileage shows only this much.  Still, the purpose is to build endurance which I think I'm doing. 

Other notes:
My coach looked at the food logs I'm keeping and commented that I should try to eat more calories for breakfast and fewer for dinner.  I think I'll find that challenging on both ends but am willing to give it a go.  ChocolateWife wants to make a similar change so perhaps our dinners will begin to have more salads and greens in them.

I had the comment of the week on Salty Running again.  It was about blood/platelet donation and they sent me a nice e-mail. I truly love the site. 

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