Monday, August 6, 2012

Workouts 07/30 - 08/05

Recovery Week

I had heard these coaches discussing how they believe in every 3rd week as a recovery week but I didn't realize how quickly that would come I guess.  It feels like a very big change from my previous run schedule but I am trusting them...

Tuesday - 3.48 in 45 minutes (12:55) plus walking warm up/down.  It was an easy zone 1 run (124-159 BPM) and felt quite nice.  There was a bit of a breeze.
Tuesday - "Total Body Workout" - 40 minutes.  This is a fast paced video workout that cycles through 2 rounds of arms/chest/legs/back/core/... whatever else there is.  Good workout and challenging.  I should have done the workout on Monday but couldn't get to it because of our travel.
Wednesday - Should have done the 30 minute core workout but didn't...
Thursday - 3.65 in 54 minutes including walking warm up/down (14:47).  Was supposed to be Easy/Zone 1 and it was but it was also 7:00 and 99 when I left the house and 95 when I got home.  It was Brutal.  We're trying to shift my workouts to the evening for a few weeks while we work on having new puppies, otherwise when I get up at 5:00, I will wake the puppies and they will wake the family.  I guess the only good point was that since I knew what zone to be in, I wasn't questioning myself: should I run faster? should I push? 
Friday - Total Body Workout again. Still hard. 
Saturday - Beginner Yoga 30 minutes. The workout was challenging and of course extra hard to try and see the computer monitor. I guess as I do it over and over I won't care about the computer monitor as much.
Sunday - 3.45 in 45 (12:55) plus walking warm up down.  Again Easy Zone 1 run but this time at Walnut Creek Park. The day was gorgeous and I loved this run.  It was only around 85 or so. 

It looks like this coming week is similar but zone 2 rather than zone 1 runs. Also, I was going to buy some 10 lb dumbbells but I mentioned this to our friends and they said they have some unused so I went and borrowed them after my run.  This will be much easier than using books for the workouts. 

I'm still not signed up for a Fall half-marathon.  I would be happy to just continue this training with a coach without a goal race but if the coach says I should have a race to work towards, I will do so.  I'm very ambivalent right now.

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