Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Workouts 7/23 - 7/29

My workout week last week was not bad but not great either.  My coach gave me a workout every day and I did most of them, falling off when we went out of town for the weekend.  I don't think they are all showing in this picture though.

Monday - A scripted chest and shoulders weight lifting workout. I used books but the books are very inconvenient and it makes me consider looking on Craigs list for some weights.  I'm not willing to pay much since the last time I sold some I did so for $12 or $15. 

Tuesday - 3.16 in 40 (12:39) plus walking warm up/down.  This was designed as a zone 2 run with my new zone 2 between 160-170.  I had to take walk breaks but these were only 15 seconds or so long each time.  It was a good run.

Wednesday - Chest and back workout using books.  I wasn't in the mood but did it anyway. 

Friday - 2.69 in 35 (13:01) plus walking warm up down.  This was 30 minutes in zone 2 (2.27 in 30 [13:12]) and then 5 minutes pushing into zones 3 and 4 (.42 in 5 [11.54]).  "Negative split" run. This should have been Thursday's run but was not.

Friday - Core work for 30 minutes.

Sunday - Zone 2 run. 6.25 miles in 1:20 (12:48) plus walking warm up/down.  I was supposed to have finished with a 3 minute push but wasn't connected enough to have reread that instruction. 

I didn't log my food while out of town but plan do to so this week.  It looks like a recovery week with light runs and doing some strength training.  I need to double up as I wasn't able to get in the strength workout yesterday with the drive home, laundry, car inspection, and everything else. 

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