Monday, July 9, 2012

Workouts 07/02 - 07/08

I had an ok workout week last week. Not great, not terrible.  I definitely do better when I'm on a workout schedule working toward a race.  Every few days I google half-marathons in Central Texas and look and then don't select anything.  I just don't seem to be able to find anything that's perfect (close, not too hot, cheap, etc.).  I've considered the Decker half which is in December and a few others. 

I'm also considering signing up for some online training.  It's not cheap but I would say it's reasonably priced.  I don't know that I want to pay during base training though; I think I only want to sign up leading up to race training.  It's something I'm considering.  Possibly I would ask for it as my birthday present since I always have so much trouble coming up with "things" I want. 

But without further ado and adon't:

Tuesday - 4.22 miles in 50 minutes (11:50 mm) plus walking warm up/down.  I called this one running under a cartoon moon.  The moon was huge and yellow and it was one of those mornings when it is just a gift to be outside and active and appreciate it all.  Knowing that I was going to run the next day I only did a 2:00/1:00 but still was under 12:00 mm. 

Wednesday - 4.5 miles running and walking in 1:10.  I only ran about 2.5 miles after getting up and not in the mood but trying it anyway.  The humidity was just brutal. 

Wednesday - Did the pre-dawn runner's core workout.  This workout is so good and so hard.  I'm getting stronger in my core for sure but it's still a big challenge. 

Friday - 4.15 in 50 (12:02 mm) plus walking warm up/down.  I ran a 3:00/1:00 and it was quite clear and still.  Nice run. 

Saturday - Family bike ride. We all rode bikes to the park and back.  I would guess it was around 7 miles or so.  We let ChocolateSon lead the way and I just kept being amazed at how well he could ride.  ChocolateDaughter was on the back of ChocolateWife's bike. 

I planned a run of a few hours on Sunday but woke up very sick to my stomach and pretty much continued feeling crummy all day. 

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