Friday, July 6, 2012

Nike Running or maybe not Nike Running

A few months after I started running, I got a Nike+.  I was very excited about it and absolutely committed to using it to track my runs, know how far I’d gone, and track my total miles.  I celebrated each milestone – reaching the different Nike+ colors or my first 100 mile month. At times it didn’t seem calibrated correctly but I tried to get it relatively accurate.  I’ve always felt very motivated by seeing the numbers on the screen. 

And I felt like one of the disappointments was that Nike+ was only available on the IPhone and IPod Touch.  Well now it’s available on Android but my phone is not compatible (let’s just say new enough). 

And a few months ago Nike Running started sending out some e-mails to get users excited or maybe warned that the entire website would be changing.  And by the way, challenges would be off line for 3-4 months.  Now the new website is online.  It has some pretty new graphics but I can’t tell that I have a color any longer and there are no challenges right now. 

But worse than that, when I tried to sync up my IPod after my Saturday run (13.8 miles), it would not sync.  I walked 5 miles Sunday and that didn’t sync.  Nike’s advice as they tweeted – reset your IPod – meaning that I will never get those miles.  So I reset my IPod which took so long that I didn’t even record my next run (over 4 miles) and today when I tried to use the IPod, it would not disconnect safely so I missed another 4.6 miles of credit. 

And now I’m wondering how much I care.  If there are no more colors and no more challenges (at least for a while) and I log everything on dailymile anyway, do I care about Nike running?  If I need to know distance, I can use the RunKeeper app on my phone or map it on gmaps.  Otherwise, I can just estimate it.  Yes, I want to listen to music and podcasts on my IPod, but I just don’t know that I care about the Nike+ website any longer…

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