Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Work Stand up Desk

I’ve heard and read for months about stand up desks.  I’ve read that they are good for your posture and legs and back and just not sitting so darned long every day.  I’ve also read that you don’t need a stand-up desk; you just need to get up and walk around every hour.  I started talking about getting a stand-up desk months ago.  I remember that originally I didn’t want to do it before the Austin 10/20 (4/15). 

Well last month we were at IKEA and they had a $30 stool with a back and foot rest so I got it. I’ve read that it takes up to a month to adjust to the stand-up desk and that you want a stool so you can go from sitting to standing.  Then I did a request at my work for the adjustment to my cubical.  It took a few weeks for approval and communication but Monday the facilities guy came over and adjusted my desk.  What I first wanted was to have the corner piece (which includes a pull-out keyboard and mouse tray) and the short surface left of that raised but not the long surface.  It turned out that it wasn’t possible to raise those two surfaces due to the way the back of the cube is constructed but it was relatively easy to raise the long surface.  I had to give up an overhead/locking bin but I didn’t have anything in it anyway.  And I gave up a hanging file organizer which I could put back now that we’re not raising the short piece but I don’t really think I want it. 

So basically it’s been one full day of standing and I liked it yesterday. By the end of the day my feet and lower back were sore which I understand is pretty normal.  I’ve even read that you can burn up to 50 more calories an hour standing than sitting but that’s not why I made the change.  My co-workers have had mixed reactions ranging from “I want one too!” to “interesting” to “you’ll need knee surgery in a year.”

I want to give it at least a month to see how I like the change. 

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