Monday, April 16, 2012

Running April, 9 - April, 15

A bit of a light week (again).
Tuesday - I stood up, hoisted my backpack over my shoulder, and reached for my towel which wasn't there. I forgot I took it home from work last week and didn't take another. So... I went out to lunch with a friend.
Wednesday - Nice run at the Park. 4.12 miles in 50 minutes (12:08) plus my walking warm up/down. Did about 3/1 ratio.
Thursday - 3.6 miles walking 1:01. I should have run but I had some phone calls to make so I just walked on the track. I'm glad to have made the calls though.
Saturday - Family walk with bikes and dogs. 2.94 miles 55 minutes. Lovely and fun.
Sunday - 10 miles 2:07 (12:41) plus walking to and from the start/finish of the Austin 10/20 race. Considering how apathetic I felt about the race, I was quite happy with it. It was hotter and much more humid than I was ready for. I wanted to break 2:00 and did a 2:30/1:00 for the first 8 miles. By then I knew I wouldn't break the time so I dropped to 2:00/1:00 for the last 2 miles. Still, a very fun race and I would do it again. Also... sweet bling.

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