Monday, April 9, 2012

Running April 2 - April 9

Yes. You see that just right. 14 miles last week. Strangely, I wouldn't call it a bad training week. I basically only missed one walk off the week's plan.

Thursday - 4.0 in 48 (12:00) plus warm up/down. Running at the park. I was hot. Hot and thirsty and spent the run wondering how many more weeks I can maintain my lunchtime runs before I switch my work hours again. I had a meeting that ran long and couldn't get out to run until 12:30 but soon that won't even matter. My ratio ranged from 3:00, 2:00, 1:00/1:00.
Friday - 3.65 in 45 (12:19) plus warm up/down. I went to the track and ran in circles and concentrated on standing up straight. I felt faster than that but sometimes take the Nike + distance with a grain of salt.
Sunday - 4.5 in 53 (11:46) plus warm up/down. I ran at Walnut Creek Park so it was a trail run which means the 11:46 means even more. 3:00/1:00 ratio and I loved it. There were bike riders and hikers and dogs and only a few runners. I should have done a MM but chose to run on the trail instead. Perhaps I will do the MM on Tuesday.

If I don't do another magic mile, my last two were 9:46 and 10:03. The average of those would be 9:54. I will have to look at the book to see the multiplier for a 10 mile race. My target pace for a 10K would be 11:23 or my target pace for a half-marathon would be 11:53 so obviously my target for the Austin 10/20 is somewhere between those.

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