Monday, April 2, 2012

Running March, 26 - April, 1

I had a pretty good workout week last week.
Monday> - I got up early to do the YaYoG Week 1, Day 4 workouts. It was legs and core and I worked up a good sweat in 30 minutes.
Monday - 30 minutes, 1.6 miles. I had a half-hour free so I went for a walk at lunchtime. It was a really nice break from the office.
Tuesday - 3.6 in 42 minutes (11:39) plus .5 walking warm up/down. My legs were really tired and sore from YaYoG so I took it easy with a 2:00/1:00.
Thursday - 4 miles 48 minutes (12:00) plus walking warm up/down. I ran up and then through campus. Then to the track and did 6 hill sprints. It felt fun and not that hard but when I got back to the locker room my HR had peaked at 211 (my previous Max HR being 197). Tee hee.
Friday - 3.12 miles in 52 minutes walk. It was very nice out. I'm going to have to start changing clothes/showering after my Friday walks very soon.
Saturday - 12.05 miles in 2:50 LSR (14:06) including walking warm up/down. 1:00/1:00 ratio. Very had long miles. It was close to 80 out and humid and hard to keep going. By the Galloway target my pace should have been 13:55 plus 1:30 for temperature so 15:25 which I beat.
Sunday - No formal workout but we went over to friends' and helped them finish building their playscape. We had so much fun. We were there from around 9:00 to after 4:00 and I probably spent 5-6 hours of that working. Because the other two builders (including Chocolate Wife) are taller and stronger than me I did quite a bit of holding up this board and handing this screw or drill or whatever but I got in some "tool work" too. The temperature was close to 90 so I'm sure I burned more calories that I ate in the expansive strawberry, queso, and scone repast they put out for our efforts.

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