Monday, April 23, 2012

Running April 16 - April 22

I'm continuing my running trends for April (in other words - sort of crap) and perhaps it will take the rest of the month to reset. I don't know... things just keep happening and I guess I'm not training for an event so I don't force myself to get out there. Monday - 6.63 miles in 2 hours walking. I've found that after a long event on Sunday it seems to really help my legs to do some walking on Monday. I've done that for both the Austin half-marathon and the Austin 10/20 and both seemed to really help. Monday morning the entire family headed out - kids on bikes, adults on feet - and walked toward the park. At the big street, we parted ways and I walked to the grocery store, got a few items and walked back meeting them again and back home. Then I took my car in to the shop in the afternoon and while they were working on it, I walked around the industrial park. Tuesday - 4.0 in 48 minutes (12:00 mm) plus .6 walking warm up/down. I went to the park and had a lovely beautiful run. While there I felt a little tired and realized I had done 27 miles in the 4 days including Tuesday. Thursday - 4.34 in 49 (11:17 mm) plus .6 walking warm up/down. I ran with a metronome to see how it affected my running and concentrated on swinging my elbows in time. 3:00/1:00. A very good run at the track. Friday - Should have been a long walk day or even a run day. I didn't run because I thought I would run on the weekend. And I only walked about 1.3 miles because it started raining on me and I was wearing work clothes. If I had run, I would have changed into workout clothes and not cared about the rain. No running or walking on the weekend at all. I don't remember the last weekend like that. Sunday - I did the You are your own Gym (Yayog) Week 1, Day 1 workout which was arms. I really like doing the Yayog workouts with the tablet app. My phone won't run the app but we downloaded it to the tablet. I can only use it when ChocolateWife is not though so I did my workout while she was at the accupuncturist. I'd like to actually adhere to the 4 workouts a week for the 10 week basic program and see what happens.

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