Monday, February 11, 2013

Training 02/04 - 02/10

Again, I had a better week with some walking and even a short bike ride.  I've continued my treatment with the chiropractor which includes a bit of strength work, some core, and a lot of stretching.  At this point he says the problem is largely the lack of flexibility in my hamstrings and glutes.  So lots of stretching...

This week besides that work I:

Tuesday - 3.5 miles in 1:10. I walked over to the park and through for a little while before returning.  Had to walk up the very big 11th mile Half-Marathon hill. 
Wednesday - 3.18 miles in 58 minutes. I walked through campus because I wanted to avoid traffic noise because I was listening to a book on tape. 
Saturday - 3.0 in 1:00.  Went for a walk at Wells Branch with my friend LD.  Not challenging for either of us but a good walk and no pain. 
Sunday - 3.2 in 58.  A little neighborhood walk. I thought the family was going to go for a bike ride so I stayed close to home.  My map ended up looking a little like a flower. 
Sunday - 3.5 miles in 18 minutes. I've been wanting to see how I do on the bike. The chiropractor gave me the ok but said to ride about 1/3 as usual the first time and maybe 1/2 as long as usual the second.  I went just under 20 minutes and FELT NO PAIN!  I'm very excited about that. I came home and stretched and then iced. 

--I have two more chiropractor appointments this week.  It's a doctor heavy week as the kids both have dentist appointments and their annual well child checks too. 

--I've raised $1790 for Livestrong which is well above my hopes and expectations.  I'm very happy with that total. A few people have said that they will donate but once I get to this point, I've nagged enough.  They will give or they won't...

--Runkeeper updated their app to allow more options for time and distance triggers. I'm thrilled as it was one of the thing that irritated me.  I like the trigger to give me a cue but the longest time you could wait between triggers was 5 minutes.  Now you can choose up to 30 minutes or up to every 10 miles (why would you even want a trigger at 10 miles?). 

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