Monday, February 18, 2013

Training Report 02/11 - 02/17

Another Monday... another Training Report.  Such as it is.

Tuesday - 3.37 mile walk in 1:00. A very nice day out and a walk with no low back pain.  I concentrated on tightening my core throughout.
Wednesday - 3.2 mile walk in 57.  Another nice day and another walk without back pain.
Saturday - 1.5 mile walk.  I'm guessing on distance.  The kids and I walked from the Marathon expo over to the park to play.
Sunday - 5.6 in 1:38.  I walked the first part of the Austin Livestrong Half-Marathon.  Due to my back injury and having a cold, this was all I could do. But I wanted to do something. I planned this and quit after just under 6 miles.  I carried the names of those I walked for and am glad I got up to do this race. 
Week - Monday and Wednesday I saw the Chiropractor and did strength and core work.  I did stretching every morning and evening and some middays when I could. I am definitely becomming more flexible.  I believe that when I am done having a cold, I will feel ok to start running again. Or at least to try to run again.  We will see.

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