Monday, February 4, 2013

Training - 01/28 - 02/03

I don't even see a reason to post a planned week at this point.  Certainly last week was better in terms of my doing some walking.  And it's nice to see some green bars on the graph. 

Monday - 1.0 miles.  I walked around with ChocolateDaughter after work and chiropractor.  
Tuesday - 2.8 miles in 1:00.  Rather a slow lunch time walk around downtown.  I just wanted to move a bit but not worry about speed at all.
Wednesday - 2.95 miles in 55 minutes.  A bit faster but not pushing it.
Thursday - 3.5 in 55 minutes.  Mostly walking. I tried a bit of running which basically told me that I am not ready to run yet. 
Saturday - 6.5 miles in 1:50.  I walked both farther and faster than I have in the past few weeks.  I probably should have only gone about 5.5 miles or 1:40 but I was doing loops to the house and got a bit farther than was ideal.  I iced afterwards and it isn't too bad.  Lots of soreness on Sunday though.

What I know:  I can't possibly run or even walk the entire half-marathon.  My current plan is to walk the first 5 miles.  The family usually shows up at that point to cheer for me. I'm thinking that I'll walk that far, then DNF with them.  I feel bad for the people who have donated and those I'm (not) running in memory or honor of but I have to stay healthy too.

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