Monday, February 25, 2013

Training Report 02/18 - 02/24

I had a pretty slack training week again last week as I recovered from my cold.  I actually think I felt worse as I was "getting better" than I did during the first part.  Mostly it's been a lot of coughing my lungs up. 

Wednesday - Walked to the Credit Union and Post Office on lunch.  Probably about 1.5 miles.
Thursday - 3.2 miles.  I walked over to the park in very nice weather.  Felt fine except for a lot of coughing.
Sunday - Went to the park for a hike with the kids, wife, dogs.  It wasn't fast or hard but it was so fun.  I sometimes think I would give up running entirely if the family hiked at least one day every weekend.

Other - I'm basically released from my Chiropractic. I'll be going every 2 weeks or so for a while but mostly I've got my assignments to stretch and work on my strength and core and to take it easy when running and ice if needed.  I probably spent 3 - 3.5 hours working on those things last week.

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