Monday, March 18, 2013

Exercise 3/11 - 3/17

I had a much better workout week this past week.  Nothing was particularly intense but it was consistent.

Monday - I'm on a new program (I'll write an entire post about it this week) that includes 20 minutes of exercise followed immediately by a 20 minute walking meditation.  Most days I've done the 20 minutes as walking.  So this was 40 minutes, 2 miles approximately.
Tuesday - Ok, the picture is showing up weird.  Really it should only show the 3.3 miles for my lunch walk which includes 40 minutes and then the 20 minute walking meditation.  For some reason the entry I made originally for Monday is showing on Tuesday and I can't find it to delete it.
Wednesday - 2 miles.  The program of walking and walking meditation.
Thursday - 3.2 miles in 1 hour.  Walking and then the meditation. I also made my first blood platelet donation of the year and actually did a triple. I knew that there were triples but have never been asked/allowed to do one before. The time was 96 minutes for the donation but I figure once I'm there, I might as well do as much as I can. 
Friday - The day was going to be difficult so I took an hour off work to come home early and ride my bike.  I rode about 11.5 miles in under an hour. Then jumped off the bike to do the walking meditation ritual for 20 minutes.
Saturday - I did my 40 minutes walking 2 miles including the meditation ritual. Then later we met up with my sister's family at Monument Hill State Park. We had a picnic and a little hike and then threw around the football.
Sunday - I rode my bike but only about 7.5 miles.  During the ride, I noticed that the air was low in both tires. In the course of trying to air up the tire, I broke off the stem which destroys the tube and lets all the air out.  The family came and picked me up.  Later I did my walk and walking meditation.  Also later the entire family went to play tennis.  I literally had not touched a tennis racket in 10-11 years and was pleasantly surprised at my ability to hit the ball and get it over the net. 

No running but I think I'm ok with that for now.

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