Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Livestrong Thank You Hats

While my performance in the Livestrong Half-Marathon was subpar (as expected), I out raised my previous totals for Livestrong.  I raised nearly $1900 this year which is about $400 more than last year and almost $1000 more than my first year running for Livestrong. 
When I started I had the idea of raising money for hats I would make with the suggested donation being $20 a hat.  I posted on both Etsy and a blog page (after getting permission from Livestrong and Etsy) but got no takers that way.  When I posted on FB, and mentioned the hats sometimes people would post and say that they wanted one. 
Mostly though, I just sent people a thank you hat or 2 or 3 after they made a donation.  After getting the donation I would send an e-mail and ask color preferences or just used my judgement. At first I stuck to Livestrong colors but quickly did whatever color people asked for.  And I really liked the black hats with Rainbow trim. 
Pictured here are some of the hats I made and sent out to say thank you to all my wonderful donors (and one happy recipient)! 

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