Tuesday, August 16, 2011

11 Mile Long Slow Run

I did my 11 mile long slow run Sunday. It was both long and slow. According to the Galloway plan my target time should have been between 14:50 and 14:20/mile. I started running around 6:00 am before it was fully light.

I had been feeling sort of crummy the last part of the week. Thursday and Friday I had blinding headaches (or one headache continuously) and I also felt like I was completely stuffed up in my throat and chest. I wondered if I were coming down with something but Saturday evening I realized that I indulged in eating Gluten pretty much every day all week. I had not had my vegie chili this year and we decided to make some, Gluten be damned! I suspect I am still paying the price for that decision.

For the first 7 miles or so I maintained a 1:1 ratio and was at about 13:30-13:45 per mile pace including the walk breaks. It was hard though. I felt like I was struggling to breathe and swallow. From then on I interspersed 1:1s or 30:30s or walked for long periods.

It took me nearly 2:50 (my HM time from last year) but I did it. 11.1 miles. That's my second longest run ever (the only longer one was the one from the HM last year). 15:16/mile which is even slower than my LSR target but I did it. In two weeks I have a 13 mile LSR planned and I plan to be feeling much better that day.

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