Monday, August 1, 2011

Last Week's Runs - Week 5 Half-Marathon Training

My runs last week were the first I've done using what I learned in my Chi Running clinic. I thought they went well:

Tuesday - Scheduled 45 minute run. 3.59 miles in 48 minutes (13:26). I took a few short walking breaks but otherwise concentrated on the Chi Running form and did mostly running.

Thursday - Scheduled 45 minute run. 3.74 miles in 51 minutes (13:52). That included a 5 minute walking warm-up and down. But I managed to run 32 minutes before my first (and only) 2 minute walk break.

Friday - Scheduled easy walk. 3.22 miles in 56 minutes (17:28).

Sunday - Scheduled 9 mile LSR. 9.85 miles in 2:22 (14:27). I think this was probably my hardest run ever. I have only ever run this far maybe 3-4 times before. In my last HM training I think I had a 10 and 11 mile training run and then my HM was 13.1 (of course). It was 81 degrees when I set out and a few degrees hotter when I finished. I started out trying to Chi Run and not take walk breaks which meant that I only took them when I was totally exhausted for the first 6 miles or so. By the time I had 3 miles to go, I went by my HRM and each time my HR got too high (92%), I walked for a minute. Basically that meant I was in a 1:1 for the last 3 miles but of course I had already exhausted myself. My next LSR won't be for 2 weeks (11 miles) and by that time I either need to be much more comfortable with Chi Running or allow myself the walk-run regardless of the posture changes.

When I woke up Sunday morning my left foot was bothering me. I had the feeling like it needed to pop. Like the bones were sort of jammed up. I've had that before and it's always just gone away on its own. I ran on it and it felt a little weird but not painful or awkward. Last evening it began to feel more and more uncomfortable until I was limping. Before going to sleep I put some Tiger balm on my arch. I woke up in the night with it so tight and hurting that I had trouble getting back to sleep. Now I'm at work. I put arnica on it before putting on my socks and also rolled on a tennis ball. I need to make sure that I keep rolling it and stretch it out and I hope it feels much better quickly.

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