Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 Races?

It's January 12th and I'm undecided on my races for the year.

I'm registered and committed to the Austin Livestrong Half-MarathonFebruary 19th and fund raising for Team Livestrong for that event.

And because of the race that was rained out last October, I can register for the See Jane Run Austin Half-Marathon for the bargain price of $30 this year. I would have registered anyway because I felt like the organizers handled a difficult situation as well as they could. The date is not on the website yet but I'm assuming it will be in early October again.

Besides those races, I'm not sure. I am considering the Austin 10/20
which looks quite fun. That race would be April 15 so I'd be well recovered from the Half-Marathon in February and ready for a 10 mile race. The registration price jumps from $70 to $80 next week so I should make a decision by then. It happens that I haven't spent my personal "mad money" allowance the last few months so I can afford the $70.

Another choice is that I could run the Vern's No Frills 5K any third Saturday of the month. That race costs... wait for it... $1. Yes. $1. It's an official and consistent 5K with a timer but it has no shirt (although you can buy one).

I am leaning toward the two half-marathons, the 10 miler, and whatever 5Ks I happen to make.

And don't tell anyone but I've started thinking about a marathon in 2013 (translated -- before I turn 46).

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