Friday, January 13, 2012

Review of Simple Hydration Bottle

A few weeks ago, I was listening to the Extra Mile Podcast (or possibly the Extra Mile to Finish Breast Cancer). Kevin had on Brian who has invented a new running bottle: The Simple Hydration bottle. Brian said that he would give away 5 water bottles based on a few criterion and I was in. I've tried many different bottles and bottle systems. My solution to this point is basically that if the run is under an hour, I don't take water and if it's over an hour, I wear a camelbak water pack which also lets me carry my phone and gels. For my submission, I put on all three camelbaks in the house (a big pack for family hiking trips, my running pack, and ChocolateDaughter's small pack), my running water belt, held two camelbak bottles in my hands and even balanced a bottle on my head. When Brian announced the winners of the giveaway, he was particularly impressed with the bottle on my head.

A few weeks later the bottle arrived in the mail. I filled it with water, hooked it into the back of my spibelt and off I went. The claims that it is hardly noticeable are absolutely true. I let it rest against one of my butt cheeks and found it comfortable and easy to forget. I tried it in the middle and didn't like that feeling but on the side was great. The bottle is great for short runs when I don't need to carry a bunch of stuff. I think the inventor has a pretty good idea and really appreciate the giveaway.

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