Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Galloway 10 Mile Race Training Plan

The Galloway Training Programs book has a 10 Mile race training plan.  It is 15 weeks long (including 2 post weeks post-race) so I'm not doing the full thing since the Austin 10/20 is April 15th. Basically I joined in around week 7 of the plan after a few post half-marathon weeks.  Every week has a 45 minute run on Tuesday, 45 minute run on Thursday, and easy walk on Friday. I'm not putting those in the table.  By the plan I should have done a magic mile last Tuesday so I'll plan to do one this week.  The plan Sundays are:

DatePlanned Run
03/0410 miles
03/119 x 800
03/1812 miles
03/2510-12 x 800
04/0114 miles
04/084 mi MM
04/1510 Mile Race

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