Monday, March 5, 2012

Running 2/26 - 3/04

I had a pretty light running week.  I missed Tuesday entirely due to a funeral in an especially emotionally sad situation. 

Thursday - 3.86 in 47 minutes (12:10) plus the walking warm up/down.  I ran the hills near campus at a 3:00 - 1:00.  It was a good run.
Friday - 4.56 in 56 minutes (12:16) plus the walking warm up/down.  I went to Clark Field on campus thinking that I would do the three 1600 repeats (target of 10:50).  I did the first in 10:48 but knew 3/4 through the 2nd that it wasn't a good day for 1600 repeats - either because of the previous day's run or the heat (81 and Sunny).  There was a runner there named Tony who was "trying to get back in shape." By trying to get back in shape I mean he was running 400s (fast, very fast).  We chatted while I was running my run/walks and he was warming down in bare feet.  He was very nice running and then walking with me although my pace was obviously no strain on him.  He says he is trying to break 17 minutes in the 5k.  Wow.  Yep, that's my statement about that.  Wow.
Sunday - 10.29 in 2:19 (13:30).  LSR.  About 71-73 out.  My Galloway target for a training run should be 13:36 and I felt a bit slow until I realized I was beating the target and it was hotter out.  I concentrated on running tall and a good foot strike.  It was a very worthwhile run. 

I've been tracking my food on and the Livestrong mobile app.  I really would like to lose another 10 pounds or even 15 mostly because I would like to see if it makes my running easier and faster.  ChocolateWife has had great success with Noom. I like Noom but prefer Livestrong because:
  • Noom takes the predicted calories from your predicted weekly exercise and uses those to raise your calorie allowance averaged over the week while Livestrong leaves your daily average the same but adjusts daily by your calories burned that day.
  • Noom will only do that adjustment by the predicted calories rather than actual.  I know from my HRM readings that my actual calories burned are 80-100% higher than Noom predictions.
  • Noom doesn't assess workout or post-workout nutrition well.  When I do a long run, I will usually consume 2 or 3 energy gels and then a post-workout recovery drink.  Noom sees that as around 550 red calories which means that I will go over calories for the day and have way too much red.  Livestrong just lets me enter those calories but since I can also enter that I burned 2000-2400 calories running, it's no worry. 
Of course the real test will be whether I lose some weight. 

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