Monday, March 26, 2012

Training 3/19 - 3/25

Wow. 17 miles? That's a pretty low training week.

Tuesday - 4.25 miles 47 minutes (11:03/mm) plus .6 walking. I ran up and down the hills on the street near work. A good run. 2:00/1:00/

Thursday - 4.1 miles 49 minutes (11:57/mm) plus .6 walking. I ran over to the park. I was feeling quite sluggish so I ran 2:00/1:00.

Friday - I skipped it to have lunch with a friend who is working out of town.

Saturday - 7.39 miles 1:54 (15:39/mm) I should have run 10 x 800s but instead I decided to try a MAF test from the Phil Maffetone book The Big Book of Endurance Raining and Training. So far, I'd summarize his book as saying that most athletes are training at too high a HR. He wants you to train below his aerobic threshold rate or 180-age (136 in my case). So the MAF test is 5 miles at or below that rate and you time them and see what they are. For me it was 13:12, 15:24, 16:11, 14:07, 15:17 in other words terrible. I stuck with that HR throughout.

I posted a pretty detailed note on daily mile and actually got a Facebook message from a friend (and runner) cautioning me against giving too much credence to the theory and particularly against training slow. Her point: "training slow gives you muscle memory of running slow."

I doubt that I'm going to embark on his recommendation to run at or below that level for 4 months. It sounds very painful and slow. At the same time, it would probably be a good idea for me to schedule more zone 2 runs and pay attention to my HR rather than running in a higher zone so often.

Saturday - I finally got back to the You are Your own Gym (YaYoG) workout, doing Week 1, Day 3 (upper body Ladders).

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