Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Workouts 08/27 - 09/02

I was on vacation all last week.  Ten days off with no need to set an alarm. That is huge for me.  Huge.

Monday - Arms & Shoulders with a bit of core routine.

Tuesday - 4.1 miles in 45 (10:58) plus walking warm up/down.  I ran a 2/1 per the coach's instruction to work on increasing my run/walk/run ratios.  Mostly zone 2 with a bit of zone 3. 

Wednesday - Chest & Back routine.  I notice that Daily mile sometimes shows the non cardio workouts on the graph and sometimes does not.  Maybe if I don't mark the time?

Thursday - 2.61 in 30 (11:29) plus walking warm up/down.  I was trying for negative splits running zone 2 in the first 15 and zone 3 in the next 15.  My HRM was totally dead so I ran by perceived exertion.  First 15 minutes was 12:00 mm and last 15 minutes was 11:02. 

Friday - Leg workout.  Basically lots of lunges and squats. 

Saturday - Diane's core workout.  I did the 30 minutes but felt very blah. Did not sleep well.  After lunch with friends we stopped at Target and ChocolateWife bought me a balance ball that is the right size!  That should help my core work. 

Sunday - 6.8 in 1:30 (13:14) plus warm up/down.  Mostly zone 2 with a push at the end.  This felt quite hot and hard and slow and the time shows. 

Week - I only missed one workout and that was a 35 minute stretching routine on Saturday.  I enjoyed all the work and this week is a sort of cardio only step back week.  It is the first time I've had any scheduled days off since I began the coaching. 

Weather - It is hot out.  I am not dealing well with it.  I think it is harder for me than in years past.  Partly that may be that due to the new puppies I am running more in the evenings than I have in the past.  And partly last year at this time I was doing long runs for my upcoming HM so I was setting an alarm for 4:30 or 5:00. This year I am heading out to run at 7:00 or 8:00 and it is slightly hotter.  I've considered joining a gym but I don't want to spend the money or have to go somewhere to workout.  One thing I love about running is the option to just walk out the door to run.  I guess in a few weeks, it will cool down and be easier.  My times seem slow and sluggish but I wonder if I am gaining speed and will see better times when the weather gets more reasonable. 

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