Monday, September 10, 2012

Workouts 09/03 - 09/09

I'm not sure whether it was a ... what do you call it? Step-back week? Recovery week? Easy week? last week or just cardio only.  I definitely liked it.  I know that I need to do strength and core work but neither are fun to me.  Just not fun.  Wednesday was actually the first scheduled day off since I started training with this coach.  (I took it on Tuesday).  I've missed some workouts but not had scheduled days off. 

Monday - 3.65 - 45 minutes (12:19) plus walking warm up and down. Was supposed to be biking but I went out to the garage and remembered that the cage for one of my pedals was half off and I didn't have the screws to reattach it. Since it was getting warmer every moment, I changed into running clothes and headed out to run in the low 80s with high humidity.  Blech. 

Wednesday - 3.57 - 45 minutes (12:36) plus walking warm up and down.  74 degrees with 92% humidity which is hard to breathe.  Ran 2:00/1:00 and felt faster than the stats show. 

Friday- ?? - 1:00 - Per coach this was a "naked" run meaning no technology.  No GPS, Nike+, HRM. Just run an hour.  The first half hour was mentally hard but then I got into it. 

Saturday - 1:30 bike ride.  I estimated the distance at 18 miles but it could have been anywhere from 15-19.  I had a really enjoyable ride. I'm supposed to maintain steady cadence for these but have a hard time doing that on undulating terrain and with stop signs, lights, dogs, etc.  My heart rate doesn't get as high as I feel like my legs are working hard. I'm not sure what that means.  I rode through Pflugerville a bit, then through the park and out Pecan and found this park that I never knew about (it turns out it's new).  It has paved trails through trees for maybe 1-2 miles. The strangest thing is that all the pedestrian/bike paths yield to the cars rather than vice versa. 

Sunday - 7 miles - 1:30 (12:51) plus walking warm up/down.  Per coach I ran a 2:00/1:00.  Might have been a lower HRM than it should have been.  My legs felt tired (no doubt due to the previous two days). 

Other notes:
My new phone came on Friday late.  We actually stayed at the house all day because we thought UPS would make us sign for them and didn't want to miss the phones. They came about 6:30 and didn't require signature.  My case came on Saturday which is good since I'm such a clutz.  Awesomely, my new phone will run the Nike+ running app so I ran with my phone on Sunday rather than my IPod and the foot clip.  I'm sure it's more accurate for distance although I guess the clip would come in handy if I ran on a treadmill. 

Our other question was whether we could listen to music from ITunes on our phones.  I found an app called Double Twist. It requires install on the PC and the phone but seems relatively easy to use.  It converted our ITunes music (or part of it) and then you can hook up the phone and select playlists.  There seem to be some issues with my not understanding keeping things up to date or something but I'm cautiously optimistic that it will do what it needs to do.  I ordered a arm band for ChocolateWife and I to share to go run with our phones and use them for music. 

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