Monday, September 24, 2012

Workouts 09/17 - 09/23

I had a good workout week but missed a few workouts for assorted reasons.

Monday - Should have been a special strength training session set up for running but I donated blood platelets instead (a double).  I hate missing a workout but definitely feel that donating platelets is more important. 

Tuesday - 3.2 in 40 minutes (12:30) plus walking warm up/down.  Zone 2. I started at 3:00/1:00 but dropped to 2:00/1:00 because I felt a little run down from the donation. 

Wednesday - Birthday, birthday, birthday! No working out: lunch out, dinner out, cookie for my birthday.  Lovely loveliness but skipped a strength session.

Thursday - Bike ride of 11 miles in 1:00.  Just lovely.  When I got back, I took the kids out to start their Marathon Kids sessions for the year with a 1/3 run around the block. 

Friday - Total Body Workout.  This was Wednesday's workout that I finally did on Friday.

Saturday - Bike ride of 15.5 miles in 1:15  Just lovely and wonderful. 

Sunday - 7.00 in 1:30 approximately. I had to guess at distance because I ran a trail run at Walnut Creek.  My GPS didn't pick up very well but it was so fun. 20 minutes in zone 2 followed by 3 in zone 3 throughout. 

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