Monday, December 31, 2012

Training Plan Week 5 - 12/24 - 12/30

Planned:Tuesday - 3 miles
Wednesday - 4 miles
Thursday - 3 miles
Saturday - 8 mile LSR
Sunday - Cross-training


Tuesday - Christmas Day Run in the snow!  3 miles in 36 minutes (estimated only).  I'd never run in the snow and the snow started mid afternoon.  I had been saying that I wanted to run but the snow sealed the deal. I dressed and headed out.  Running out was straight into the snow and wind but coming back was pretty great.  After I got back, ChocolateWife took pictures of me. 
Thursday - 8.2 miles in 1:45 (12:48 pace) plus walking warm up/down.  It was still cold (41) but I realized that my LSR for Saturday would be a challenge to fit into the weekend and this afternoon opened up unexpectedly.  I had no long run stuff so I set  a bottle of water and lip stuff and a few cough drops by the gate and made a few passes.  Mostly this was a 1:30/:45 ratio. 
Friday - 3.05 in 37 minutes (11:58) plus walking warm up/down.  It was still cold out but a good run.  I set my watch and just ran in zone 2 which meant hardly any walking. 
Sunday - 11.05 cycling in 1:03.  We got my bike tuned up as my holiday present and they must have adjusted the seat post because my seat kept slipping and I kept stopping to adjust it.  I need to tighten the bolt but couldn't do it when I got home because my hands were too cold. 

All things considered, I'm rather happy with my week's workouts.  I only missed out on one workout even with snow, cold, family, Christmas, baby girl's birthday, and driving home.  Plus we got the car unloaded, six loads of laundry washed and folded, and some shopping done. 

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