Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Running/Riding Totals

Last year I posted that I wanted to run 1100 miles and break 2:30 in the half marathon in 2012.  I achieved neither of those goals but I had a good year. 

I ran 709 miles in 2012 which was markedly down from 2011. But that was because I began to focus on a more varied exercise schedule which included more strength and cross training.  You can see from the graph that in the early part of the year when I was just running, I was logging more miles than in the later part as I became more flexible in my workouts. 

The graph at the top shows my running miles and the one at the bottom show all miles.  In the later part of the year as I started to do more biking, my miles increased although my running miles decreased. 
Although I did not reach my goals in 2012 it was a good year.  I ran a 2:41 half marathon which was a 9 minute improvement from my first effort.  I stayed relatively healthy and had no injuries. 

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