Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Training Plan Week 6 - 12/31 - 01/06

Tuesday - 3 miles
Wednesday - 4 miles at pace
Thursday - 3 miles
Saturday - 5K race
Sunday - Cross-train

Hmmm.  Blogger is not letting me upload my handy-dandy image today.  If I could it would show 3 bars and that is it.  A very scant workout week due to life in general.

Tuesday - 14.84 bike ride in 1:20.  Very fast or felt so on the ride out. Then I turned into the wind and was just about blown backwards. I rode my bike rather than running because New Year's day gave me the chance to do so.
Thursday - 3.82 in 46 minutes (12:02) plus walking warm up down.  I ran over to the park so had some trails and hills.  It felt like a very good but cool run. I did 2:30/:45 and feel like I could keep running more/walking less.
Friday - 3.15 in 40 (12:41).  Wet and yucky out.  No timer so I ran when I wanted and then walked short bits.  Took it every easy. 

That was it for my week.  My niece was a Bat Mitzvah this weekend which took precedence over everything as it should be.  I'm glad that the 5K race fell on this weekend rather than missing an LSR. 

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