Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 Goals

Well it's 2013 and what are all the cool kids doing?  Setting their goals.  Setting their fitness goals. 

I only set two goals last year and I didn't reach either of them.  So ... what's the purpose of a goal? Should it be specific and measurable such as "I will lose x pounds by March 1 blah blah blah..."  Or should they be more vague and less measurable?  I think that's up to the individual.  I haven't felt driven to setting goals but now I've been thinking of it a lot.  Maybe I'll set motivations for the year such as:

  • Run >750 miles and Bike > 750 miles OR Run/Bike > 1500 miles
  • Do >75 core workouts
  • Run a half-marathon in <2:35:59
  • Be more fit
  • Love more
  • Laugh more
  • Make love more
  • Volunteer at some races
  • Give more
  • Forgive more easily, more quickly, more thoroughly
  • Pay better attention
  • Be more present

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