Friday, January 18, 2013

Doctor Who - Tardis Afghan

I have been working for months on a Tardis afghan for ChocolateSon's birthday.  I wanted it to be a secret.  For the first part I felt fine working on it in front of him because for a long time it was basically just a big blue rectangle.  A few times he or ChocolateDaughter asked what was I working on and I said a blanket for one of our friends or their Grandfather or a scarf but mostly they didn't care.  I got as far as the 3rd blocks of door cutouts twice only to decide that the dimensions were off and tear it all out and start again (twice). 

Once I got to the windows, I no longer felt I could work on it in front of the kids so every night I waited for ChocolateSon to fall asleep.  The schedule was tight and I was struggling to try to finish it.  ChocolateWife did the lettering on both the Police Public Call Box and the sign on the door and still the time was tough.  And then Tuesday evening I realized that the top stitching that I had done up until that point (about 2/3 of the top stitching) was on the back (because of the sign on the door).  I had to rip that all out and redo it.  Luckily Wednesday evening ChocolateWife helped me "sew in woogies" or the loose ends and I got it done in time. 

Chocolate Son was trilled to say the least and kept snuggling it yesterday when he was in the living room. 

The best shot of the afghan

Ash holding the blanket
As he opened it


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