Monday, May 9, 2011

Blue, Baby!

This is really a "last week's runs" post but I'm just so excited to be Blue in Nike Running. It's not just that blue is my favorite color because green is my next favorite but I am so goal oriented that it felt great to make that level. I did my run Saturday morning and then came home and the entire family came over to the computer to see the screen change colors and see my "ataboy" message from Nike Running. I also had a verbal "ataboy" from Tiger Woods when I stopped my workout.

I did a lot of walks this week because I was worried about reopening my thumb and bleeding profusely.

My runs/walks:

Sunday - 5.41 miles. 1:38. A nice walk. I walked over to the park and then back.

Sunday - 1.87 miles. 33:00. We took the kids/dogs for a family balance bike ride/walk after dinner because the weather was just lovely.

Monday - 3.67 miles 56 minutes. Lunch time walk at work.

Tuesday - 4.06 miles. 59:50 minutes. Walk.

Wednesday - 2.66 miles. 51:33. Balance bike ride to the school playground and then walking in circles while the kids played.

Thursday - 3.97 miles. 1:00:11. Walked .5 miles, Ran 2 miles, Walked the rest. My first day to run with my thumb and it felt fine and didn't bleed. It was also my first time to try to run 2 miles since I transitioned over to the run/walk technique.

Thursday - 1.47 miles. 24 minutes. Lunch time walk.

Friday - 3.47 miles. 54 minutes. Walk.

Saturday - 4.57 miles. 1:03 minutes. Walk .5 miles, Run 2, Walk the rest. It was a beautiful run at the park.

My weekly totals were 31.2 miles so I'm pretty happy with that.

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