Friday, May 6, 2011

Last Green Day

This is the last time I'll post a Nike Running graphic in green. That's right. If you look at the top, I have a mile (or less) to go until I hit the blue level. That's 620 miles (1000 kilometers). The next level is Purple at 1552 miles so I'll be blue for a long time. I walked this morning but the graphic said I was 5 miles from the next level and I didn't know if that meant 4.1 or 4.9 or 5.93 miles...

Also, I usually sign up for a challenge called the Stay Strong 75 each month. Some months I also sign up for the Stay Strong 50. This month I signed up for the Stay Strong 100 which means I'm challenged to run/walk 100 miles this month. My previous high was 80 miles back in September. I'm on target so far but it's only the 6th of the month.

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