Monday, May 30, 2011

A little walking

Last week I began to get back to walking a bit. I still haven't ventured to run again. I am having a lot of congestion and trouble breathing as well as very stuffed up ears. I'm considering going to visit the Nurse Practitioner at work tomorrow about my ears.

Let's suppose that my walking last week was worthwhile (I'm a believer that any activity is worthwhile so I'll suppose that).

Monday - 2.23 miles. 40 minutes. I walked over to the Municipal Courthouse at lunch time to (sweat and) pay my traffic ticket. It was my second such trip since I forgot my drivers license when I went the week before.
Friday - I walked to meet my brother for lunch. MapMyRun/GPS said it was 1.49 miles. It took me about 18 minutes.
Friday - I walked the baby in the stroller to get her to sleep. 49 minutes. 3.00 miles.
Saturday - 4.2 miles. 59 minutes. I would guess that the calibration was high and it should be about 4.0 or 3.8 miles. I need to calibrate my Nike+ against my GPS again.

My intention this week is to get more exercise whether it's walking, running, or riding the bike trainer. Hey, speaking of a bike trainer... We went to meet my brother's and sister's families to celebrate my brother's upcoming 40th birthday with a dinner this weekend. My sister brought the trainer she had borrowed from him and I now have it on permanent loan. I need to figure out where to set it up (temporarily - each day that I use it) and see if I can find any good spin podcasts but I plan to diversify my in-the-dark workouts without a gym membership (I've cancelled and it ends this month).

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