Wednesday, June 1, 2011

National Running Day

It's National Running Day today. I ran this morning. It was probably the best run I've had since the half-marathon. I walked 5 minutes, then ran 4/walked 1 8 times, then walked the rest of the way home. I had on my GPS and Nike+ both so I could calibrate the Nike+. GPS showed 4.02 in around 50 minutes. Considering that the run had about 15 minutes of walking at the start and end, that is not a bad mile time.

It was warm out and very very humid (95% humidity). One thing I love about running (early) at this time of year is that when I leave my house it is pretty dark. There is light pollution of course because I live in the suburbs near a big city but generally, it's dark out. As I run, I sometimes look at the sky and wonder "hey, is it getting light?" Usually the first few times I realize that I'm seeing the concrete plant lights or big box store lights or overpass lights. But by the time I am warming down and getting near home, the sky has turned from dark to a light blue that says sunrise is coming. It's like a subtle dawn that becomes a sudden light when I notice it.


  1. I just signed up for my first half marathon, but it's, we'll see if we're chosen!

    Love your blog and its hot and humid here too :( Blah!

    I came to your blog after reading your comment on Endurance Isn't Only Physical! LOVED the comment, Does Running Hurt? ONLY IF YOU'RE DOING IT RIGHT!!!! hahahaha, so true!

  2. Hey Marissa,
    Thanks for following the link and reading. Good for you signing up for the Houston half! Sign ups for the Austin half started yesterday. way to go!