Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last Week's Runs

It feels weird to post my last week's runs on Wednesday. We were out of town and the connection speed at my in-laws's house isn't fast enough to load the Nike Running site. I also couldn't sync my runs although I used the Nike+ and then synced them when I got home.

Sunday - 1:14, 3.88 miles. This was a family walk/balance bike ride at the park.

Monday (Memorial Day) - 1:18 4.95 miles. I only had to work 1/2 a day on Memorial Day so I was able to go for a little longer walk as well as walking in the daylight which is always a treat.

Wednesday - 50 minutes, 4.03 miles. I did a 5 minute warm-up, then 4/1 run/walk ratio, then 10 minute warmdown. The mileage is from my GPS so I know it's good and I was very happy with that pace. Also, it was only 72 degrees but 95% humidity and noticeably so.

Wednesday - Walked to meet a friend for lunch. .66 miles there and .88 back.

Wednesday - 38 minutes, 2.64 miles. Stroller walk the baby to sleep.

Friday - 1:06, 5.22 miles. warmup, warmdown, 4/1 run/walk ratio.

Saturday - 18 minutes, .83 miles. Walking in the front driveway while ChocolateSon balance biked.

Saturday - 1:00, 3.8 miles. Hot walk. Dead heat of the afternoon at the farm. The asphalt actually felt springy because it was so hot.

Generally, I'd consider it a good week in terms of getting out there and logging some miles (26+).

I'm still planning for my Fall schedule. I'm considering two half-marathons. The first would be October, 9 so I would need to begin my training plan in a few weeks. I'm considering doing the Galloway Time Goal plan but I would probably do more running than the maintenance minutes and add some cross-training days. The plan maxes out at a 17 mile Long Run 2 weeks before the half-marathon which would be my longest run ever.

I've been listening to the Extra Mile Podcast Galloway Edition. I'm up to episode 3 so I'm a few weeks behind but they are doing the training plan for a marathon which is 30 weeks long so I'm ok. One thing I've realized from the podcast is that I'm one of those people they sort of chuckle about who did a "modified Galloway" last year. I did run/walk breaks and I did them from the beginning of a run but I didn't adhere to the recommended interval. I did 6/1 through most of my training including my long runs when by magic mile time I should probably be doing 3/1 or 2/1 intervals. On the long runs it would be even slower. So I'm sort of playing with the idea of actually doing the plan as it's designed rather than doing my own darned thing.

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