Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Magic Mile

I did my first magic mile this morning while out on my 35 minute run. I actually tried to do one the week before last but I had marked the mile out a few days earlier in the neighborhood and when it came time to actually run the mile, I couldn't decide which concrete square and manhole cover marked the finish line. It might have been the one I hit at 9:59 or maybe at 10:40 or maybe the one past that.

To avoid any confusion today, I looked at my GPS when I started, then took it out of my waist pack when I neared the end. My time was 11:22. That doesn't sound so bad until I use the formula to figure out my predicted half-marathon pace. 2:58. 2.58?! I ran 2:50 in the spring! 2:58?! Honestly, I have in my head a thought of running a 2:40 or better half-marathon in the Fall. My predicted half-marathon time wouldn't become 2:40 unless I get my magic mile down to 10:11 which seems pretty unlikely. Arggghhh.

The training program calls for either 2 or 3 more magic miles so we'll see if I can get faster with training. I guess the good news is that with the walk breaks I am feeling very good about my runs in spite of the heat.

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