Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh... so close...

I have never run 100 miles in a month. For the past few months, I have joined a 100 mile a month challenge on Nike Running but each month something has gotten in the way. This month I was going to make it. I was! Now it happens that the woman who sets up the challenges each month made the June ones go through July 2 (I'm not sure why) which means I was pretty confident I would make it. As of yesterday's run, I needed about 3 more miles which I figured I would walk this morning.
I talked to ChocolateSon about it and he was excited for me. Midway through the afternoon, we told R. ... who informed me that it was the 30th and I only had through midnight to reach 100 miles in June. Understand, I knew June had 30 days. I just thought yesterday was the 29th. Grr. Yes, I could have gone out and logged a few miles before bedtime but I let it go. Still, 97.93 is my highest month mileage ever.

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