Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Running Shoes

Sunday I went and got fitted for new running shoes at one of the speciality running stores in town. I had been very hesitant to do this mostly because of the cost of the shoes there. My first pair of NB running shoes which I fitted myself did wonderfully. But the second pair (same style, size, etc.) have not done so well. I've had trouble with them slipping and feeling wide. Even pulling the laces tighter has not completely fixed the issue and at this point I have blisters on my toes that are not healing well.

This picture of my feet shows the current blisters. My right pinkie toe has blisters on top of blisters. It is discolored and ugly. The right big toe has a slight blister. The left big toe has a blister that is torn and the left little toe has a healing blister. I have been putting aloe on the blisters at bedtime each day. They only hurt when I'm not wearing shoes and walking around the house on the day after a run but they are still an issue.

The entire family went to the store and I told the salesman my problem and showed him my feet. Then I ran for him in barefeet, got my feet measured and he got some pairs to try and to run in. I asked him for his observations and he noted that I have very high arches (yes) and very narrow feet (yes again). I tried a pair of Mizunos, Asics, and Brooks and liked the Brooks best both because they had the least slippage and because they were blue rather than pink like the Mizunos and Asics. I can't see the model #/name on the box because they were marked in black marker by the store for some reason so I will have to find it if I want to get these again. The shoes were $100 which may be the most I've ever paid for a pair of shoes (not boots) but if they work well for me, they will be worth it.

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