Monday, July 18, 2011

Half-Marathon Training Week #3 (Really)

Monday - Scheduled 35 minute run. 47 minutes, 3.23 miles. Included 5 minute walking warm-up, 10 minute walking warm-down. 3:1 slowing to a 2:1.
Wednesday - Scheduled 35 minute run with speed drills. 51 minutes, 3.68 miles including warm-up, down. 3:1 (x9) then. Did cadence drills (5) and acceleration gliders (5).
Thursday - Scheduled Easy walk. 58 minutes. 3.49 miles.
Saturday - I should have run but I woke up and it was raining and thunder and lightening and we had friends coming over for breakfast and I decided to wait until Sunday.
Sunday - (not shown on the picture). Saturday's 7.5 mile LSR. 1:56, 8.26 miles (14:07). Did warm-up, down and then 1:1 ratio throughout. Unlike last week I was able to maintain the 1:1 and didn't have to drop from that. I ran from 7:00 - 9:00 so temperature ranged from high 70s to mid 80s. That is a challenge and I can imagine it will become a bigger challenge as my LSRs get longer.

As slow as the LSR is, it's actually not as slow as the Galloway formula indicates for me. Their formula shows.

Magic Mile Time 10:41 x 1.2 to get Predicted race pace = 12:49/mile.
Predicted race pace 12:49 + 2:00 to get LSR pace = 14:49
LSR Pace + :30 for every 5 degrees over 60 or 14:49 + 2:00 = 16:49/mile.

I'm pretty sure that I could do a LSW(alk) at 16:49 or close to 16:49. I'm pretty much using the ratio in the book (1:1) and not pushing myself on the run and letting the pace go where the pace goes.

Oh, I also am pretty happy because I have an online friend who started posting on FB about starting to run. I commented on some of her posts and encouraged her to sign up for the See Jane Run Austin Half-marathon rather than the 5K and to look at the Jeff Galloway stuff. She's now fully training and committed to the half and it's awesome to read her enthusiasm and training reports every week.

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