Monday, July 25, 2011

Last Week's Run

Yes. You read that right. Run. Not Runs. After my Sunday LSR which I wrote up last week, I took the week off from running to try and heal my blisters. They are much much better now so I did my 800 repeats on Saturday. It was my first time to do 800 repeats (or any repeats) and I followed the Galloway instructions as closely as I could. According to his formula, I would get the goal pace for the 800s by taking my magic mile time X 1.2 then divide by 2 because it's an 800 and subtract 15 seconds. For me that meant 10:40 x 1.2 = 12:48 / 2 = 6:24 - :15 = 6:09. So that was my goal pace for 4 800 repeats.

For each 800, I ran the first 400 (between 2:25 - 2:32), then walked 30-40 seconds as directed, then ran the last 300 or so. My times were 5:14, 5:16, 5:25, 5:25. I'm finding that both in these and the LSRs, I can run faster than the predicted or goal time pretty easily. Maybe this will get harder as they increase (I think 2 more repeats every 2 weeks). The entire workout from warm-up to warm-down (including picking up all the plastic bottles at the track for recycling) was 1:04 and 4.83 miles.

When I got home KeeBee wanted to run so she got dressed and put her stuffed puppy in her shirt so she could be pregnant and we ran to the pool and back (.5 miles).

Right now I'm at 66 miles in July so I've dropped off quite a bit from my pace earlier in the month. Yesterday I attended a Chi Running clinic but I'll post about that separately.

Looking at the graphic (which blogger isn't letting me post for some strange reason), I see that I also walked to the courthouse on Monday at lunchtime. That was 2.3 or so miles.

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