Sunday, July 3, 2011

Baby/Big Brother Blankets

We just met our friends for dinner and I was able to give them their baby blanket and big brother blanket so I can now post pictures. The first blanket is the big brother blanket that I referred to when I finished it back in April. It is a replica of the Walls of Troy or the Chartres Cathedral maze (although it's technically a labrynth). One of the sites is a circle and the other is a dodecahedron (12-sided shape). I did the 12-sided shape. I loved making this blanket. It had to be roughly a multiple of 12 but I put an extra 2 rounds - one in the center and one on the edge so it was 38 rounds. It's worked to make the shape first (the blue etc. part) and then the white is top-stitched on top. Once I got the hang of the top-stitching, it was very easy to put the design on. The moms have already texted me to say that said big brother is thrilled and driving his cars on the maze over and over.

The baby blanket is the pattern that I've made about five times but I truly love this pattern. The yarn is very soft and nice for babies because they can stick their fingers through the holes and pull it up.

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