Monday, June 27, 2011

Half-Marathon Training Week 1

I officially started my half-marathon training program last week. Would it be silly to say I'm on track so far? Well, either way, I'm on track so far.

Sunday - Took a walk. It was really 5.82 miles but I was still trying to adjust the calibration to get credit for the 5 miles on Saturday that I missed.
Monday - Walked to and from lunch. About .8 miles each way.
Tuesday - Plan day schedule of 30 minute run. 40 minutes: 3.12 miles. I did a 5 minute walk warm-up, then 6 x 4Run/1Walk, then walked home.
Thursday - Plan day schedule of 30 minute run. 52 minutes. 3.55 miles. I did a 5 minute walk warm-up, then 7 4Run/1Walk, then walked home.
Friday - 38 minute walk. 2.2 miles.
Saturday - 47 minute walk. 2.51 miles.
Sunday - Plan day schedule 5 mile long (slow) run. 1:15 and 5.65 miles. I did 5 minute warm-up then 2:1 ratio for about 45 minutes, then dropped to 1:1 for the last bit. I ran to the red-box to return a movie which was nice. There aren't a lot of places I can walk or run to so I always like it when I can think of some errand to do. According to my Nike+ the redbox is 2.52 miles from home so that worked out well.

On Saturday morning I had to work for a while. I stopped at the pulse machine but it was out of cash so I stopped at a grocery store. On the window of the store was a poster announcing that Jeff Galloway would be there the next day from 3:30 - 5:00 speaking and answering questions. It was very random that I was at that store and learned about his visit. Unfortunately we had friends come in from out of town to visit and stay the night so I did not go. Hopefully I will have another chance to hear him speak.

Oh... also if I do well this week, this will be the first month that I have ever logged 100 miles. I am in a 100 mile challenge on Nike Running and hope to make it.

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