Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Last Week's Runs (sort of)

I had pretty good runs and walks last week. Today I officially started my 1/2 marathon training program with a 30 minute run (plus walks at the front and back). More on that later.

Sunday -1:04, 4.3 miles. It was very hot and humid and I felt sluggish. I walked 5, then ran 30 at 3/1 ratio, then walked the rest of the way home. Given that amount of walking the pace was quite good.
Sunday - 1:00. 3.64 miles. Evening walk in the very hot. I don't remember if this was a stroller walk to get the baby to sleep or just an extra walk. I think just a fun walk.
Monday - 1:10 4.01 miles. A rare morning walk in the daylight since I took the day off work because it was ChocolateSon's first day at summer camp.
Wednesday - 1.01 4.63 miles. I recorded no notes for this run but I remember being very happy with it at the time.
Thursday - 30 minutes, 1.58 miles. Stroller walk. Very very hot.
Saturday morning - I went to Walnut Creek to run. As soon as I got out of the car and turned on the IPod, it said that the battery was dead. Boo hiss. That means I couldn't record my run on my Nike+. I used Runkeeper. First I ran using a 2/1 ratio. I ran about 45 minutes logging 3 miles which is not bad for trail running. Then I walked another 2 miles. The pace isn't great but I enjoy running on the trail some days.
Saturday evening - 2.5 miles, 45 minutes. Stroller walk. Because I'm trying to get the Nike+ to give me credit for the 5 miles Saturday morning, I up-calibrated the walk so it actually recorded 3.72 miles.

I feel pretty good about my progress heading into the training program. This time I am doing the "time goal" program rather than the "to finish" program. What's my time goal? I don't know yet. Obviously I'd like to lower my 2:50 time but by how much? I am going to follow the Galloway program completely including doing the magic miles and using them for prediction/goal and doing the speed work it calls for.

Last week I tried to do a magic mile but the vagueness of my mental note of where the mile ended (by the manhole cover on the cement extension that's across from the other cement extension) didn't quite work. I might have done a MM in 9:59 or maybe 10:40 or maybe I stopped too early to have done one at all. Next time, I'm going to the track to record it or I'm going to mark the sidewalk with chalk.

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