Friday, May 13, 2011

Do over

I spent a few weeks working on a baby blanket. I was planning to do filet crochet which is the technique I used on this afghan for my niece. I was going to do a row of 4 squares with a puppy, cat, rabbit, and fish (I originally planned duck rather than fish but the duck was too hard). After a few weeks of this and not even finishing the first row of squares and realizing that I would always have to be consulting the 4 patterns at all times, I decided to make a different pattern. Yesterday I tore it all out (always a painful process) and wound the yarn (or most of it - some was so knotted that I cut it off and threw it away). I started a blanket pattern that I have done 4-5 times and which I love. I'm not sure how it will look because usually I use a lightly variegated yarn and this color is completely solid.

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